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OT Fic Exchange

You want it...you got it!

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Welcome to the OT Fic Exchange!

Sign ups are located HERE!

Do you have an OTP or an OT3?

Have you been dying to see a particular scenario for your OTP or OT3 but haven't found that 'perfect' piece of fic or art yet?

If you've answered yes to the above questions, then this is so the community for you!

There are others out there just like you who have been secretly (or not-so-secretly) lamenting about the lack of XYZ in fic and art featuring their OTP or OT3. But lament no more, for this community aims to set things right! Sign up and join us in an OT Fic/Art Exchange. By going to the sign up post linked at the top of this page, you can let us know all about your OTP/OT3 and what sort of cliches/kinks/etc you fancy and do not fancy in regards to them. The community mod will assign another community member to deliver you your request and, in turn, you'll be given an assignment to complete for somone else.

The Rules:

1. Community members must be 17 years of age.

2. If you sign up to receive gift art or fic, you must be willing to give gift art or fic in return.

3. You cannot choose the person for whom you will write or draw. Your assignment will be given to you by the mod via email. If you have a problem with your assignment, you must email the mod within three days of receiving it.

4. Stories have a minimum word count of 1000. There is no maximum word count.

5. Be sure to have your fics beta-read before submitting them to the OT Fic Exchange. If you cannot find a beta, you may certainly post to the Fic Exchange asking for someone to do so for you.

6. All submissions must be original works for this Fic/Art Exchange.

7. All fic or art must be sent to the community moderator to preserve anonymity. (Email: tarie@livejournal.com)The mod will post the work as promptly as possible after receiving it via email. At the conclusion of the Fic/Art Exchange, the mod will reveal the authors/artists of each piece.

8. Please don't post/archive work done for the OT Fic Exchange until after the 29 November deadline or otherwise instructed.